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3-in-1 protection
Protection against mobile radiation, RFID creditcard theft and mobile protection against bumps and scratches. Check out the case
Invisible, but real!
You can't see it, smell it - or even feel it - the radiation from the wireless devices. But it's there - the radiation from your wireless device! See how you can protect yourself
Take care of
the children...
Children absorb 60% more radiation than adults, and are often heavy-users of wireless devices Protect your child


Protection with anti-radiation products

RadiCover has a mission to ”Provide security and safety around the wireless appliances". Hence, all products by RadiCover grant you and your family an assured and effective protection against mobile radiation.

Tested by leading laboratories
All the products by RadiCover are SAR or OTA tested and the effect documented by accredited independent testing laboratories - including CETECOM, Delta, BACL and Quietek

Quality and Maximum Protection
We have spent a long time to find, test and develop a variety of special anti-radiation products that are certified and we will testify for them. It is our claim that products must provide maximum possible reduction of mobile radiation, and at the same time, the strength of device's signal must be affected as little as possible.