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Video Libary - see the experts

Video Libray - Experts speak about mobile radiation

Dr Charlotte Bech: "Children have to be very careful in regard to mobile radiation as they absorb up to 60% more radiation than adults"

16.01.16 Fox TV New York - Dr Aly Cohen & Robert Kackko, ND talk about the side effects from mobile radiation

 Dr Devra Davis - "The truth about mobile radiation that everyone should know"


Film: 60 Minutes:  Brain Surgeon og mobile radiation expert Dr Charlie Teo caution: "After using a mobile phone for 10 years the risk of getting a brain tumor is at least twice as high (7.39 min)


Dr Devra Davis - children and mobile radiation


MUST SEE ! Dr Devra David - "Why we need to be extra careful when it comes to children and mobile radiation" 


Dr Devra Davis - Mobile- and WIFI-radiation's affect on children and male fertility