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The story about RadiCover

A company based on personal experience with mobile radiation

RadiCover is a Danish company founded in 2014 which specializes in development, design and distribution of anti-radiation solutions. The products fit most wireless devices such as:

Headache when talking on the phone

  • Mobile phones
  • Smartphones
  • iPods/Mp3 players
  • Baby monitors
  • Cordless phones
  • iPads and tablets

Quality and documentation is a MUST

All RadiCover products are tested and the effect documented at leading, independent test labs around the world, such as CETECOM, BACL, Delta Laboratory, QuieTek and others.

"We spend a lot of time finding, testing and developing anti-radiation products good enough for us to recommend. 
We demand the products provide the highest radiation reduction possible but with as little affect on the reception in the devices as possible",

CEO and founder of RadiCover, Enrico Kaarsberg

Scar on the leg after operation

Personal experience lead to the idea behind RadiCover

Back in 2013 Enrico Kaarsberg experienced the negative effects of mobile radiation on his own body. Fatigue, headaches, lack of concentration in the morning and most of all significant changes in the skin on his thigh right where he kept his mobile phone in his trouser pocket. After doing intense research on the topic of mobile radiation, he found so much research and evidense conducted by highly respected professors, public institutions like WHO and famouse universities, pointing out the negative health effect by the radiation. He was now even more convinced and sure that the pains and changes he experienced was caused by the radiation from his many years of talking on and carrying the mobile phone close to his body.

Enrico Kaarsberg looked for and identified various high-quality wireless anti-radiation products around the world. He sought for products documented to have the required protective effect tested by recognized, independent laboratories and then made these products available to the Danish consumers.

After searching for anti-radiation products to protect himself, Enrico Kaarsberg discovered only a few products which worked and had an actually documented anti-radiation effect. As none of these products were sold on the Danish market at the time, he decided to found RadiCover, in order to make the products known and available, “to create safety and security in the general use of wireless devices”.

At the time these products were only available on a few websites but after 11 months of research, product testing and preparations, the company RadiCover was founded in Denmark in June 2014.

During his research Enrico Kaarsberg found the market was flooded with products which did  not live up to their own guarantee of adequate protection. Thus, RadiCover is now developing its own products in collaboration with known manufacturers of e.g. space- and aviation technologies, offering a line of products with a well documented anti-radiation effect.