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Read some of our customer's experiece with their RadiCover product(s)

- and why they chose to buy anti-radiation products in the first place 

No more pain when talking on the phone!

Thanks to her RadiCover mobile cover Elisabeth Fogh is now again able to speak on her mobile phone without experiencing discomfort like flickering lights in vision and pain in the head. 

Elisabeth Fogh

I suffered a concussion after a nasty fall from a riding accident. After that I suffered, for years, from spasms of pain and flickering lights in vision every time I spoke on a mobile phone. In addition, I experienced reddening and a strong heat to the side of the head where I held the phone. This made all conversation difficult and downright unpleasant  - I could easily feel the radiation. 

I tried using an ordinary headset, but that only increased the pains.

After I started using my mobile cover from RadiCover, where I can speak with the cover closed hereby reducing the radiation emitted towards my head, I feel much better. I can speak up to 20 minutes before I start to feel the first signs of discomfort."

”It is my wish – for all of us – that the legislation and the manufacturers will work on reducing radiation from wireless devices."




Elisabeth Fogh

Risskov, Aarhus, Denmark


Pia Garlin

Pia Girlin is now – after 4 years – able to sleep at night!

Pia is a mother of 3 and has for the last 4 years experienced great trouble sleeping

”A lot of people do not know why they can’t sleep or why they sleep restlessly. I didn’t know either. I have spend 4 years sleeping extremely poorly, and some times not at all but only tossed and turned in bed all night.  

All this stoped when I removed my mobile phone from my night table. If somebody wants to call me at night, they will have to do so to my landline. I also have a mobile cover from RadiCover, and without this I would not be able to speak on my mobile phone.

Anti-radiation covers removed the radiation and the pains
”Before I got my anti-radiation cover I couldn’t even speak on the phone. I felt a burn in my eyes, I got heart rhythm disturbances, visual disorders and dizzy – I simply did not feel good. I did not take many seconds before the discomfort started and I would have to put the phone away. After I got my anti-radiation cover I can use the phone untroubled without feeling the radiation.”

"I suffer from EHS and sometimes I feel like a magnet, but thanks to RadiCover I can now use my mobile phone again. I think it is a great invention – not only for those who do not feel the radiation but whom want to protect themselves and their children, but also for us who suffer from ESH. I can highly recommend their products – if it were possible to hand out stars I would give you 5 out of 5!"

Pia has made sure that the rest of the family also have anti-radiation mobile covers, and she is considering getting more products that will help reduce the radiation to which they are exposed every day.

Pia Garlin, 47 years old,
Married,  3 children

"My buzzing headache disappeared"

For a long time Dorthe suffered from a buzzing headache every morning when she woke up or if waking up during the night. However, immediately after she started using the RadiCover Mobile Bag for her phone at night, her headache disappeared.

Dorthe Handberg og datter

For years schoolteacher Dorthe Handberg from Nr. Sundby, wife of engineer Jakob and mother of 3-year old daughter Johanne, used her mobile phone as an alarm clock sleeping with it switched on right next to her bed.

Once the family realized the connection between mobile radiation and Dorthe's headaches, they chose to purchase various anti-radiation products from RadiCover.
The positive effect came immediately after Dorthe started keeping her mobile phone in the RadiCover Mobile Bag on her nightstand every night.

"The headache immediately disappeared", Dorthe happily recalls. Now daughter Johanne's baby monitor is placed in a baby monitor bag and the same goes for the family iPad – all precautions to protect the 3-year old girl and her parents from unnecessary mobile radiation.

"It is rather disturbing to think about how children absorb 60% more radiation than adults. The precautions are easy to take and it provides great comfort to know these bags minimize the radiation emitted from the devices".

During this time, at Dorthe's school in Hjallerup, a now famous controlled study on growing cress was being conducted. This study proved a clear connection between the limited growth of the cress and the distance to a nearby plugged-in wireless router. 

Easy for everyday use
To Dorthe and her family the easy use of the RadiCover anti-radiation products in their everyday life has been of great importance.
“We want to keep all the advantages of mobile phones, tablets etc., but at the same time we wish to avoid all the side effects” Dorthe explains.

Also, the fact that all RadiCover products are tested, and the protection documented by independent Danish laboratories is very important to us. Today, Dorthe and Jacob both use their mobile phones much less and they have started using the anti-radiation headset or the land line for those long conversations with their in-laws. These days Dorthe's mobile phone is either in her purse or in a drawer keeping her in safe distance from its radiation. She no longer keeps the phone in her trouser pocket and daughter Johanne is allowed once again to use the iPad for entertainment. For Christmas, the family has mobile phone anti-radiation covers at the top of their wish list.

The risks from mobile radiation made Merete take action

In connection with being diagnosed with sclerosis in 2008, Merete attended a lecture on radiation’s effect. The lecture in specific pointed out the effects from mobile radiation to our health. This made Merete remove her mobile phone from her bedroom at night. By doing this she achieved a better sleep then before when her mobile phone had been right next to her in bed.

Merete Hejlskov Olsen med sine børn

After having worrying about the issue for years, she decided to try a couple of RadiCover’s anti-radiation products. She had read online how they effectively and easily reduce the radiation significantly. Vital for her decision was the fact that the products do not require any significant change of the family’s habits and behaviour.
”Our son loves the family iPad. And for my husband and I our mobile phones are our main communications path to the outside world. And I would be very sad to sacrifice my daughter’s baby monitor,” Merete explains.

Why take the risk?
The issue of health means a lot to Merete who herself suffers from sclerosis. She knows what it means to live with a disease, ”It scars me to think about that my children, my husband and myself would keep being exposed to mobile radiation with the risk of having to live with an illness in the future. It shouldn’t happen, not in areas where we can make a difference ourselves - like for instance protecting ourselves from the radiation emitted from mobile phones and tablets,” Merete continues. Today the family use anti-radiation products for most of their wireless devices.

”It has given me the sense of safety back,” Merete explains. "It also makes the choice easier that the products are nicely designed and fit perfectly to the difference devices.”

Merete continues the use her mobile phone in her everyday life, but now conversations with family and friends are made using a special anti-radiation headset. And her mobile phone is no longer placed carelessly in her pocket, but in a Mobile Bag that also reduces the radiation. Her son is also again allowed to use the iPad – now that it is in an anti-radiation cover.

Would like clearer guidelines
Merete would like more commitment from the authorities in regard to research and information. Just like her husband she feels that there is a need for clearer guidelines for safe use of a mobile phone so that the risk for our descendants is minimised. ”We would all like to continue to enjoy the advantages, which mobile phones, tablets and so on have created. But at the same time, we want to avoid the side effects – and feel safe when using wireless devices” Merete states.

”And to be honest, I would really like if the (Danish) authorities started to take this matter seriously and initiated some serious research. It really can’t be the mobile industry that dictates the health policy in this country”, she adds.



RadiCover mobile cover

Why buy an ordinary mobile cover when you can get one with anti-radiation protection?

I have bought RadiCover products for the entire family because I have read several studies on mobile radiation and I want to protect my children and myself.

You need a mobile cover anyway, so why not chose one that will protect all the cells in the body? And it is brilliant that you can speak through the frontside of the cover in order to avoid heating up your head and brain. And when you keep your mobile phone in your pocket you are still protected from the radiation.

I have even bought a radiometer to see if it actually worked - and it does :)

I truly hope that everyone will discover RadiCover.

Majamae Sylvester
Film director and mother
Køge, Denmark