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Get the mobile phone out of the bedroom

Mobile radiation ruins your sleep and your body’s restitution!
Are your one of the many that keeps your mobile phone in your bedroom at night when your are sleeping?
Do you keep it next to you at the nightstand or maybe even under your pillow?

Sleep is your body’s most important fuel: Your mobile phone disturbs your sleep

Protect your sleep from the disturbances from the mobile radiation emitted from your mobile phone and wake up rested in the morning.
Forget all about coffee and other stimulants – sleep is by far the most important source for your wellbeing. Our body and mind are extremely busy while we are sleeping, sometimes even more than when we are awake. While our mind is taking a nap, some of our body’s most complicated and sophisticated systems are in action. They repair, adjust and rebuilt almost all aspects of our psychology and physiology: they stabilise our mood, treat stress, repair our tissues, recreate the balance in the brain’s biochemistry and maintain our immune system.
Literally thousands of biological processes take place – it might even be the most productive time of the day – while we sleep. And if we cheat or disturb the body for the amount of sleep to which it was designed we will pay a price. The same goes if you speak on the phone right before bedtime as research from the University in Bergen, Norway shows this may lead to delayed sleep.

Several studies and researchers from Karolinska Institutet in Sweden among others caution that mobile radiation affects these processes negatively and reduces your body’s rest and restitution. 

How to avoid mobile radiation when you’re sleeping

If you want to avoid mobile radiation while you’re sleeping – giving your body the best conditions for restitution and rest, you can:

  • Remove the mobile phone from the bedroom – including children’s room
  • When you go to bed set your mobile phone to Airplane Mode
  • Turn of your WIFI at night – if possible use an alarm to make sure it happens automatically.
  • Place your mobile phone in an anti-radiation Mobile Bag from RadiCover – learn more

Read more about the study here (in Danish)

Protect yourself from mobile radiation when sleeping with anti-radiation products 

  • The Mobile (sleeping)Bag from RadiCover reduces up to 85% of the mobile radiation from your mobile phone when it is placed on the night stand
  • Place the anti-radiation blanket from RadiCover over your laptop, tablet or mobile phone and it will reduce the radiation with up to 90%

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 Watch the film and see how mobile radiation affect your body and brain
- even when you're slepping (the film is in Swedish)