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Shipping costs will be added to your order at checkout. The shipping cost vary depending on where you live.

You can check which countries we ship to and the cost in the table below.

If you are from Norway please go to If you are from Sweden please go to

If you want shipping to a country that is not listed below please make a shipping request at and we will find a shipping price for you.

Country Price
Austria €17,50
Belgium €15,50
Bulgaria €23,50
Bulgaria €23,50
Cyprus €39,50
Croatia €39,00
Cyprus €39,50
Czechia €16,00
Estonia €23,50
Finland €30
France €16
Germany €11,50
Greece €39
Hungary €23,50
Ireland €30
Italy €25
Latvia €23,50
Lithuania €23,50
Luxembourg €15,50
Malta €39,00
Netherlands €11,50
Poland €16,00
Portugal €30,00
Romania €23,50
Slovakia €16,00
Spain €30,00