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RFID protection against digital theft

Contactless payment makes it easier for you – but also for the thieves

According to a study from the Danish Crime Prevention Council, the number of Danes who had their identity stolen in 2015 was more than 34.000. The Danish Crime Prevention Council estimates that approx. 150.000 Danes have been exposed to cybercrime. At the moment, the rise is 10-15% every year, but researchers fear a massive rise within the next few years.

If you have a contactless credit card, you are in the risk group

If you have one of the new contactless credit cards you are in danger of being exposed to digital theft. The new contactless credit cards make it easy to pay for purchases £30 and under. Simply hold your card over the reader to pay – no need to enter a PIN. As a consumer, this form of automation is both smart and convenient but unfortunately the same is the case for the digital thieves.             

RFID trådløst kreditkorttyveri

What is RFID?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and is a technology that makes it possible to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects by using radio waves. It is this technology used in the contactless credit cards. As more and more people are getting the contactless credit cards, so is the distribution and availability of illegal software to steal money and account details. It is possible to scan and copy data from RFID credit cards from a distance of up to 20 meters.

Protect yourself from digital theft

You are exposed to digital theft as long as you have your credit card on you. Even when it is kept in your wallet or bag. With the right tools (an RFID-NFC scanner) criminals can easily and quickly steal money from your card – and even worse also your account details.

When you start to think about it, there is really a lot of places where you are exposed. In the underground. In the bus. At the concert. In line at the supermarket. When shopping in the mall. Yes, really everywhere you go with your credit card and are within 20 meters of a receiver. 

Mobil cover with RFID credit card protection from RadiCover

The wireless RFID signals that your contactless cards emit can be blocked if you keep your credit cards in an anti-radiation cover from RadiCover. The special build-in membrane, which also reduces mobile radiation makes sure that the RFID signals cannot enter through the cover and be read by external sources. All of RadiCover’s mobile covers have 3 build-in card pockets. 

Protect yourself, your money and your mobile phone with an anti-radiation cover from RadiCover