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RadiCover Universal SmartCover





3x protection rfid protection against wireless credit card abuse and theft - anti radiation protection - screen and phone protection

SmartCovers with 3x protection: RFID protection, Anti-radiation protection and phone protection - all in one SmartCover!

3 x protection stickers rfid protection anti radiation protection and phone and screen protection

Magnetic mounting in car - mobile holder - smartcover that can be placed in the car - car cellphone - drive and use gps on the cellphone - radicover

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 smart magnetic function for mounting the mobile phone on the refridgerator - mount your smartcover on the fridge - easy to use when reading recipies, watching videos while cooking or having a conversation while making dinner


Built-in wallet SmartCover RadiCover anti-radiation protecition, RFID protection, phone and screen protection, genuine goatskin leather