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RadiCover iPad Cover Exclusive for iPad Air 10,9" 2020 - Black (RAD247)

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Varenr: RAD247

Availability: In stock


Exclusive and smart anti-radiation iPad cover in a “book-cover" design made from a soft Vegan leather. The cover will protect your iPad Air 10,9" 2020  from wear and tear and the build-in anti-radiation membrane will effectively provide up to 55% protection from the mobile radiation from the back of the iPad to your body and even more if the cover is closed e.g. when stored in your briefcase.

-  3-level screen position
-  AutoWake magnet
-  Magnet lock
-  Custom made access for camera, headset and power

-  Made from soft, easy-to-clean PU-leather
-  Hard plastic frame to secure the iPad in the cover

Compatible with: 
- A2324
- A2072

(model number is on the back cover of your iPad)

Not sure what is your iPad model? Click here to identify your iPad model

This product is tested and the anti-radiation effect is documented by the independent, acknowledged Danish Delta Laboratory

See test report from Delta Laboratory here

Delta testrapport - Radicover anti-strålings tablet cover_2G