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Fashion - iPad AIR 10,9" (2020/2022) vegan leather - 86% protection - black

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Fashion cover for your iPad Air 10,9" model 2020/2022 in vegan leather and smart anti-radiation in a "book-cover" design. The cover effectively reduces up to 55% of the electromagnetic mobile radiation emitted from your iPad towards the back and front. The cover protects with the delicious vegan leather and the impact-resistant plastic frame, effectively your iPad against blows and scratches.

-  3-level screen position
-  AutoWake magnet
-  Magnet lock
-  Access for camera, headphones, audio and power
- 100% vegan

- Outside: soft and easy to clean vegan quality leather
- Inside: soft plastic
 -Plastic frame: hard impact-resistant plastic frame in polycarbonate that fixes and protects the iPad from impact.

How the cover protects you
The built-in anti-radiation membrane provides effective protection of up to 55% of the mobile radiation, both during use and storage in, for example, the bag. You get the best protection by placing the lid / flap up against your stomach, whereby the rays are blocked in this direction by the body and vital organs.

For additional and optimal protection, use our surf blanket which protects a larger area and you do not have to worry about the tablet cover covering the places you want.


The product has been tested and the anti-radiation effect documented by the independent accredited Danish laboratory Delta.


See the rapport here

Delta testrapport - Radicover anti-strålings tablet cover_2G