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Exclusive 2-in-1 - iPhone 6/7/8/SE2020 - genuine leather - 86% protection - brown


Exclusive 2-in-1 - iPhone 6/7/8/SE2020 - genuine leather - 86% protection - brown

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The nice  2-in-1 anti-radiation mobile cover for iPhone 6/7/8/SE2020 has room for 3 creditcards. It also has an thin removable bumber cover. The flip-side cover is made from quality genuine leather with a magnetic closure. The cover effectively protects your precious mobile phone from wear and tear. The bumber cover, which is fixed in the flip cover with a build-in magnet, is made in a strong plastic that will protect the mobile phone from dents and covered in a nice leather on the backside. The cover makes it possible to place the mobile phone in a stand in the car or in a small purse. The 2-in-1 cover also has the build-in anti-radiation membrane, which will reduce the radiation send towards your body and head with up to 86%.

Mobil cover with RFID credit card protection from RadiCover
Radicover's mobile wallet for the iPhone 6/7/8/SE has the latest anti-skimming technology. So protection from having your credit card read without you knowing it. This technology is sewn into this Radicover products and offers the strongest protection on the market.

Protect yourself, your money and your mobile phone with an anti-radiation cover from RadiCover

- 3 build-in card pockets + pocket for receipts
- RFID credit card theft protection (newest blocking technology)
- Build-in magnetic removable bumper cover. (compatible with wireless charging)
- Magnetic closure
- Genuine leather

IMPORTANT: How the cover protects you:

1) Speak with the cover closed
In order to avoid the harmful radiation and the heat from the mobile phone the cover must be closed. The cover has custom-made access for speaker and microphone, which enables you to speak with the cover closed to maximize the reduction with 86%. This means that you are well protected both when using the phone and while it is kept in your pocket or purse.

2) Make sure to always keep the front of the cover in direction of the body. As the cover only has protection on the front side it is VERY IMPORTANT to keep the front in direction of your body in order to get the protection.
With the cover closed you will not only reduce the radiation but also avoid your ear, your head and tissue from "heating up", which has proven to be harmful.

- Outer material: High quality genuine leather with an elegant leather pattern, which feels extremely nice against the ear while speaking on the phone (with the cover closed)
- Inner material: High quality genuine leather with an elegant leather pattern
- Inside: anti-radiation membrane
- The plastic frame is made in a robust robber covered plastic

To ensure that the cover will keep the beautiful color as well as the wearability for a long time, we recommend that the leather on the outside is continually maintained with a leather balsam and/or shoe cream.
You can ask your shoe-/leather shop after the best suitable care product. 

The product is tested for any harmful materials and meet the requirements for the international REACH regulation.

The product is tested and the anti-radiation effect documented by the independent and accredited German and American laboratory CETECOM RadiCover SAR test - af Cetecom GmbH/Inc. RadiCover anti-strålings cover