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Exclusive 2-in-1 - iPhone 13 - genuine leather - 86% protection - black

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Our exquisite "2-in-1" anti-radiation mobile cover for iPhone 13 is made by genuine full grain quality leather and provides effective protection of up to 86% of the harmful mobile rays with our built-in anti-radiation membrane. In addition, there is room for 3 credit cards and has an elegant, thin and removable bumper cover.

The bumper cover sits in the mobile cover with a hidden magnet and is made of strong plastic, which protects the mobile from shocks and the back is covered with leather. Can be used with wireless charging.

In addition, the mobile cover also has built-in RFID protection / anti-skimming, which protects you against digital theft of personal information from your cards.


- Anti-radiation protection of up to 86%

- Removable bumper cover

- RFID protection

- 3 built-in credit card pockets

- 1 receipt pocket

- Magnetic closure in the side

- Full grain high quality leather

- Impact-resistant plastic frame around the mobile

How the cover protects you

1) Talk with the cover closed in front of the screen for the best protection. It is equipped with speaker holes and microphone that makes it possible.

2) As the cover only protects via the front, it must face the body to obtain the protection.


The cover: Exquisite full grain high quality leather

Built-in: anti-radiation membrane and RFID protection

Plastic frame: Made of hardened rubber-coated polycarbonate

No harmful substances

The product has been tested for harmful substances and complies with International REACH regulations.


The product has been tested and the anti-radiation effect documented by the independent accredited German and American laboratory CETECOM.

RadiCover SAR test - af Cetecom GmbH/Inc. RadiCover anti-strålings cover