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Pregnant women and mobile radiation

As much as possible, pregnant women should take special precautions from mobile radiation in order to protect their fetus.
Research results clearly prove how fetuses but also infants are far more exposed to mobile radiation than previously known. With lab tops and especially iPads and tablets now being household items this field has become indisputably relevant

Advice for pregnant women and their families:

Gravid og mobilstråling

  • Avoid use of mobile phones and any other wireless installations during the pregnancy in the same way e.g. alcohol and tobacco are avoided.
  • Never place the lab top/PC in your lab and keep a distance between the wireless device and the belly or use the RadiCover iPad anti-radiation cover.
  • Avoid use of wireless baby monitors as these emit mobile radiation - or use the RadiCover Baby Monitor Bag
  • Never use the mobile or wireless devices when nursing and holding your baby - or use a RadiCover Mobile Covers
  • Avoid using mobile or wireless devices in direct proximity of pregnant women or infants.

Research in this field:

  • 2008: Pregnant women using their mobile phone daily have a 40-54% increased risk of their children experiencing behavoirial problems
    A study of 13.000 children showed alarming side effects due to prenatal exposure to mobile radiation. The behavioral problems increased to a staggering 80% when the children started using mobile phones themselves and 35% of the children also showed signs of hyper activity. Read report and article from Dept. of Epidemiology, UCLA School of Public Health, UCLA, USA
  • May 2014:
    Study showed an increased number of dead fetuses and impaired sperm count among lab rats being exposed to mobile radiation four hours per day for 18 days successively - read the report here
  • 2012: American doctors and environmental specialists warn about radio-frequency mobile radiation: Pregnant women and children should be protected from mobile radiation - read more here

Watch CNN News with CNN reporter and MD Sanjay Gupta on how mobile phones may double the risk of brain cancer.