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Press release: The age of mobile radiation is upon us
Published at 30 Aug 2017

Surging from every wireless device, mobile radiation can cause various kinds of illnesses - headache, stress, depression and even cancer.

Experts around the world are warning us against the use of wireless devices like mobile phones, tablets and laptops. Still we use them heavily! In fact, every average European household contains 12-15 wireless devices. In 2022, this number is expected to exceed 50!


558 hours on the phone doubles your risk of brain cancer

Science tells us that only 558 hours of mobile use - in a lifetime - doubles the risk of picking up an aggressive and highly lethal brain cancer. Especially children and young people are vulnerable to the exposure of intense radiation. Research has shown that they absorb 60% more radiation, hindering their development of cells and immune system.

The story of RadiCover

Founder Enrico Kaarsberg felt the impact of intensive mobile radiation on his very own body. Headache, tiredness and even dysplasia lead him entrepreneurial ways. Much research, testing and product development has since been done, and now RadiCovers’ product line can be found in more than 200 stores in Scandinavia. Since 2014 RadiCover has provided safety for consumers’ health, when using wireless devices. All RadiCover’s products have been tested in independent and highly accredited laboratories across Europe - and the effect is undeniable. The unique anti-radiation technology blocks up to 99,9% of mobile radiation.


- Combining technology and design As a player within the highly competitive mobile accessory segment, RadiCover acknowledge the importance of combining the unique and patented anti-radiation technology with a great design. Straight from the design division we have brought with us our brand new universal “2-in-1” mobile phone cover and Air Tube headset. Check them out and shield yourself from mobile radiation – if only just for a minute.


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