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Scientists warn: "Only 558 hours of use of a mobile phone increases the risk of cancer"
Published at 6 Jul 2017
Scientists: “Only 558 hours of use of a mobile phone increases the risk of cancer. A new Canadian study from June 2017 has documented that by the use of a mobile phone for 558 hours or more the risk of getting the aggressive and deadly brain cancer, Glioma. The previous Interphone study across 13 nations showed that far more mobile phone use was required.

Scientists: Only 558 hours of use of a mobile phone increases the risk of cancer

WHO: scientific advisor encourage governments to take precautions fast

Dr Anthony Miller, who is a senior advisor at WHO and a scientific advisor at Environmental Health Trust (USA) believes that because of this last study it is crucial to quickly categorise the radiation as “Probably carcinogenic”. At the moment the categorisation is ” Possibly carcinogenic”. He also encourages governments to take precaution.

According to plan, this year WHO must decide on a potential upgrade as well as make a risk assessment not only in relation to cancer but also other harmful effects. It is believed that the result is depending on rather or not the expert committee only assess impartial studies and refrain from the large number of studies supported by the industry. That is why there is an on-going battle on the composition of the committee.

Children are more exposed than adult
In relation to the above you should take into account that children (up to 25 years) absorb significantly more radiation than adults. A 10-year-old child absorbs 400% more radiation than an adult due to a thinner body tissue, bones, skull and so on. 


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