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Press release: The age of mobile radiation is upon us

published at 30 Aug 2017

Surging from every wireless device, mobile radiation can cause various kinds of illnesses - headache, stress, depression and even cancer.

Experts around the world are warning us against the use of wireless devices like mobile phones, tablets and laptops. Still we use them heavily! In fact, every average European household contains 12-15 wireless devices. In 2022, th More

How damaging is mobile radiation?

published at 18 Jan 2016

A recent study shows how the human brain reacts to a mobile phone when this is switched on. Many scientists appeal to authorities to take action but Danish experts admonish calm; "We still have no conclusive evidence mobile phones are harmful."


Mobile phones disturb your sleep

published at 18 Jan 2016

Mobile phones out of the bedroom - they disturb your sleep and your body's restoration

61% of all Danes sleep with their mobile phone in their bedroom - 44% leave it on their nightstand  - 6% sleep with it directly under their pillow!


How much radiation does your mobile phone omit

published at 3 Dec 2015

Some mobile phones omit over 6 times the amount of radiation compared to other models. How much does your mobile phone omit? Find your model on the list below and learn more.


Get rid of headache

published at 2 Dec 2015

As many as 4 million Danes suffer from headaches or migraines. Mobile radiation directly causes headaches for every third Dane while on or after talking on the phone. For many this is easily avoided by changing their mobile phone habits or by using anti-radiation equipment.

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