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RadiCover and W.A.S.A. join forces
Published at 11 Jan 2018

Press release, CES 2018, Las Vegas

11th of January 2018

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Leading smart device protection accessory brand RadiCover announces a new partnership with W.A.S.A. Wireless Accessories Sales.

You can´t see it, you can´t smell it and most people can´t even feel it – but it is real! Mobile radiation is all around us, and now two Nordic pioneers within mobile accessories partner up to make sure people can feel safe. Devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops surrounds us and expose us to radiation and negative side effects on a permanent basis. RadiCover and W.A.S.A. now join forces to promote and sell the future protection solution for wireless technologies to local and international distributors and retailers.

Better safe than sorry

Yes, we are talking about our beloved, smart, wireless devices. In fact, they may not be that smart after all. A subject, which in this extremely health oriented period in time, where exercise, organic food and skin and body care free of parabens, has the attention from mass-market consumers.

Originally, the consumer feared mostly the $100-200 cost for replacement of damaged screens. Since, new worries of side-effects caused by mobile radiation emitting from the wireless devices and risk of losing money due to wireless RFID theft, has raised among the consumers. But why take the risk and be sorry – when you have a choice not to?

Re-using space technology

RadiCover re-uses space technology in their anti-radiation productsUsing technology originally applied by space centers to protect astronauts from cosmic radiation, RadiCover has developed a 3-level protection case for modern wireless devices. Offering the consumers an extra sense of security by eliminating the three above-mentioned potential risks, RadiCover and W.A.S.A. are hoping to take on new choosy markets. 

The RadiCover 3-in-1 protection case includes best in class:

  • 1. Screen and scratch proof protectionRadicover´s mobile overs has a 3-in-1 protection
  • 2. Documented anti-radiation shielding technology
  • 3. RFID – wireless credit card theft protection
And maybe best of all – it’s still affordable. Other features like the durable and non-toxic materials made from PU or luxury genuine goat leather, the extra strong crash-proof-plastic inner case, the build-in wallet with card slots etc., are offering an attractive all-in-one solution to the consumers. And you can hardly see the difference from a normal protection case.

Expectations for new partnership

W.A.S.A. and RadiCover has entered a sales and distribution partnership, with W.A.S.A. representing RadiCovers unique product line in USA, Sweden and Norway. The goal is to establish new retail and distribution partnerships for selling RadiCover products in new markets and retail channels in USA, Scandinavia and Europe.

About RadiCover

RadiCover is the leading smart protection accessory brand in Scandinavia, offering a unique line of accessories for smartphones, tablets, laptops, baby monitors and headsets.

RadiCover was established in 2014, due to the founder´s own experience of side-effects from wireless smart devices. RadiCover´s product line is now sold in highly respected retail stores and chains and large online shops throughout Scandinavia, and they have already earned much respect and popularity among consumers. 

“We have seen great interest for RadiCover in the Danish and Norwegian markets, and have big expectations for other markets as well. The concern and focus on security and protection of both health and personal information, are rapidly increasing throughout the world. Therefore we have big expectations for especially the US and Swedish market – and for our partnership with W.A.S.A. in general.”
Enrico Kaarsberg, Founder and CEO, RadiCover


About W.A.S.A.

W.A.S.A. is a Scandinavian based brand house with more than 20 years of experience in the global telecom market, representing up-coming brands like iGrip, iBolt, Ventev, iWalk, Playbrush and Myscreenprotector. They are highly selective in choosing the brands they want to represent and promote leading brands for safe driving, screen protection, premium charging and playful healthcare for children. Put in other terms, they just want us all to STAY SAFE, SECURE AND CONNECTED.

“Our smartphone has become one of our most important possessions. It's personal and we prefer to have it close to us and we want it to be attractive. W.A.S.A wants to go that "extra mile" and that’s why we offer selected products that symbolize 3 values: Safe, Secure and Connected.

RadiCover fits into our security vision. There is nothing as important as protecting our lives and our children. For many years we have driven the issue of keeping your smartphone in a car holder and NOT text and drive. It feels natural and healthy to offer extra protection against mobile radiation and RFID.

W.A.S.A would like to recommend keeping the smart phone personal, close and attractive, in a safe and secure environment. We are excited of this new partnership with RadiCover and look forward to work together towards meeting new high-tech markets."

Annbritt Lindberg, Founder and CEO at W.A.S.A


Contact information:
W.A.S.A. Wireless Accessories Sales, Annbritt Lindberg, Owner/Founder,, Phone +46 73 500 5684 , Skype ID: annbritt-lindahl 

RadiCover, Enrico Kaarsberg, CEO/Founder,, Phone: +45 22551280, Skype ID: enrico.kaarsberg

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