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Court rules for an information campaign on health risks from mobile radiation

published at 22 Jan 2019
An Italian court has declared that The ministries of the Environment, Health and Education, must within six months, for each of their own area of ​​competence provide an information campaign, aimed at the entire population on how to use mobile phones in a correct way to reduce radiation and health side-effects from this. More

Is there a relation between mobile radiation and hyperactivity in children?

published at 25 Aug 2017

Is there a relation between mobile radiation and hyperactivity in children?
Children whose mothers were frequent cell phone users during pregnancy were more likely than those of less frequent users to be hyperactive, a new study finds.


Important consumer information is kept secret! 80% of consumers do not know about the manufacturers’ recommendations

published at 7 Jul 2017

An independent study from Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) involving more than 11.000 Canadians showed that more than 80% were unaware of the distance of use recommend by the manufacturers and 67% admitted to using and keeping their mobile phone close to their body.


Mobile scandal: Mobile phones significantly exceed the threshold value for radiation by normal use

published at 7 Jul 2017

The so-called “Phone-Gate” scandal originates from a study made by the French government. Its data shows that 9 out of 10 of tested mobile phones exceed the threshold value. The government withheld this information that, among other things, showed that the test results were more than triple of the radiation levels previously reported by the manufactures.  


Italian court rules mobile phone use caused brain tumour

published at 21 Apr 2017
An Italian court has ruled that excessive, work-related use of a mobile phone caused an executive to develop a benign brain tumour. In what could become a landmark ruling, the court in the northern town of Ivrea awarded the plaintiff a state-funded pension.The judgment, which was handed own on 11 April but only made public on Thursday, is subject to a possible appeal. More
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