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new radicover smartcovers
Published at 12 Mar 2018

After months of development and patience, we are extremely proud and happy to be able to launch our newest products - RadiCover SmartCovers with 3x protection. They have been worth the wait..


So, what can the new SmartCovers do?

The new 3rd. Generation of RadiCover is not "just" an anti-radiation cover any longer. Now, it has become a SmartCover. 
What does that mean? You see, that means that the new covers are packed with great features such as:

  • 3x protection: RFID protection, mobile radiation protection & screen protection.
  • Magnetic "2-in-1" bumper cover - easy to use in the car or on another magnetic surface.
  • Built-in wallet with three rooms for credit cards and a pocket for receipts.
  • Efficient protection of your camera lens.
  • Powerful bumper bar in strong plastic - designet to efficiently protect your cellphone.
  • Genuine high-quality goatskin leather.

Experience the three new cellphone covers here


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