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    new radicover smartcovers

    published at 12 Mar 2018

    After months of development and patience, we are extremely proud and happy to be able to launch our newest products - RadiCover SmartCovers with 3x protection. They have been worth the wait..


    RadiCover and W.A.S.A. join forces

    published at 11 Jan 2018

    Leading smart device protection accessory brand RadiCover announces a new partnership with W.A.S.A. Wireless Accessories Sales.


    Press release: The age of mobile radiation is upon us

    published at 30 Aug 2017

    Surging from every wireless device, mobile radiation can cause various kinds of illnesses - headache, stress, depression and even cancer.

    Experts around the world are warning us against the use of wireless devices like mobile phones, tablets and laptops. Still we use them heavily! In fact, every average European household contains 12-15 wireless devices. In 2022, th More

    Is there a relation between mobile radiation and hyperactivity in children?

    published at 25 Aug 2017

    Is there a relation between mobile radiation and hyperactivity in children?
    Children whose mothers were frequent cell phone users during pregnancy were more likely than those of less frequent users to be hyperactive, a new study finds.


    RadiCover receives millions from investors

    published at 28 Jul 2017

    This July 2017, RadiCover has signed an agreement with a group of investors who will contribute to the expansion of RadiCover’s anti-radiation concept in the rest of Europe. 

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