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    News - Mobile Covers

    RadiCover new smart covers

    Experience our exciting product news here!

    Our new RadiCover SmartCovers in genuine goatskinn leather proves a 3x protection for your iPhone or Android: RFID-protection against wireless creditcard theft, protection against up to 86 % of the mobile radiation and protects your cellphone against damages, wear and tear. Furthermore, the RadiCover SmartCovers has a built-in wallet with 3 rooms for credit cards and a pocket for receipts and much more.


    iphone x product image                                     product image universal                                             product image iphone 6 7 8


    Finally! Now you can experience our new RadiCover SmartCovers for your iPhone 6, 6s, 7, 7s, 8 or X aswell as your Android smartphone.

    We've spent months designing, developing and testing our new SmartCovers to make sure they are perfectly ready for all of you to experience. At RadiCover we are extremely proud of the many great features our new SmartCovers have. One of the key features of the SmartCovers are without a doubt the 3x protection they offer. They protect against RFID credit card theft, they protect your screen and they protect you against mobile radiation.

    Not "just" an anti-radiation cover anymore - RadiCover presents the brand new SmartCovers!

    Read about all the amazing features of the new RadiCover SmartCovers here:

    • 3x protection: RFID protection, mobile radiation protection & screen protection.
    • Magnetic "2-in1" bumper cover - easy to use in the car or on another magnetic surface.
    • Built-in wallet with three rooms for credit cards and a pocket for receipts.
    • Efficient protection of your camera lens.
    • Powerful bumper bar in strong plastic - designed to efficiently protect your cellphone.
    • Genuine high-quality goatskin leather

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