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    Mobile Bags

    The RadiCover Mobile Bag provides up to 90% effective anti-radiation protection 
    Today most people are on-line whether they are at work, on the train, at home or asleep. Unfortunately, the human body and  its cells are not designed to absorbe this continuous large amount of mobile radiation  around the clock. The radiation can cause side effects such as fatigue, reduces sperm count, headaches, lack of concentration and several other adverse effects as brain tumors and cancer. With the RadiCover Mobile Bag you are sure to reduce the radiation with up to 85% and thus protecting yourself and your dear ones.

    All you need to do is:

    - Place your mobile phone in a radiation proof bag when you carry it with e.g. in your trouser pocket or in your purse

    - Place your phone in a radiation proof bag at night so your body can rest and re-generate through a good nights deep sleep.

     Below you find our mobile bags with a guarantee of up to 85% protection from mobile radiation.

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