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Mobile Bag - universal - Small/Black (RAD0013)

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Varenr: MBP10000B-Uni-S

Availability: In stock


This bag for smart mobile devices will provide up to 85% effective protection from mobile radiation whilst the signal is intact*! It can be used as a daily protection, or as a "sleeping bag", if you keep your phone in your bedroom at night. This item is recommendable for teenagers who sleep with their phone under their pillow or next to it. The mobile bag is made from a special material of metal fibers which effectively block out the mobile radiation. The material is used within space and aviation industry.

* In areas with poor reception the signal may occur to be weak, or lost all together, when the mobile phone is in the bag. Make sure to always check the signal.

The RadiCover Mobile Bag - small - fits most mobile phones, smartphones up to iPhone 5 and Samsung S5 Mini.
For iPhone 6, Samsung S5, Nokia Lumia and other large models we recommend RadiCover Mobile Bag - large

Inside measurements: 8,9 cm x 15 cm

QUICKGUIDE - choose the right size for universal cover

Download overview and measurement guidelines (click here)

Can be hand washed at 30ºC.