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Materials and maintenance

Our products are all produced under a recognized and strict set of Code of Conduct and therefore also comply with the REACH scheme in that the product materials do not contain harmful chemicals, nickel, chromium and carcinogenic (carcinogenic) substances etc. At the same time, our producers have signed up to the fact that they meet the UN Human Rights' requirements for safe working conditions and not to use child laborers. We conduct ongoing audits on this.


 Full grain leather

Our genuine leather is made of full grain cowhide, which is considered to be the finest leather you can get. It is soft, pleasant, and durable.

We recommend that you treat real  leather both preventively and continuously, just as you would do with other things in leather such as shoes. With the right maintenance, you can ensure that the leather does not wear out, loses its properties and color due to the daily wear and tear.

Use a neutral leather cream - or a colored leather cream if the cover has lost its color. The service life of a leather cover is estimated at 1-3 years depending on wear and maintenance.


 Vegan leather

Our vegan leather is made of polyurethane, which is a 100% artificial material, and which therefore has nothing to do with animal skins and leather, even though it looks like genuine leather. The leather has also been tested and does not contain any harmful chemical substances in accordance with the European REACH standard.

As polyurethane is a plastic material, the finished vegan leather is practical and durable.

Vegan leather is also known as synthetic, artificial, faux, artificial leather, PU leather, pleather, leather look.

We recommend that you clean vegan leather with a slightly damp cloth. If the cover is worn through, this may. discolored again with a leather cream or color. Vegan leather cannot be repaired and maintained in the same way as genuine leather and the service life is therefore also shorter, depending on use and wear. Optionally, give it a silicone-free impregnation.