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Mobile radiation and male fertility

Fact: 30-40% of all fertility problems and childlessness are caused by men’s sperm quality  Do not keep the mobile phone in your trouser pocket

Mobile radiation negatively affects male fertility

Research from Exeter University show that the sperm quality of men, who keep their mobile phone in their trouser pocket, is 8% inferior to the men who keep their mobile phone elsewhere.

The research is supported by a similar report from Technion University in Haifa, which demonstrated that 47% of men who kept their mobile phone in their trouser pocket have a reduced sperm quality. Compared to the average population where the number is only 11%.

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How to stop mobile radiation from effecting your sperm quality 

It does not require big changes or for your to quit using your mobile phone or tablet in order to reduce the amount of mobile radiation and thereby improve your sperm quality and your chances of having children. Below you will find some good advice:

  1. Avoid keeping your mobile phone in your trouser pockets
    - if you have to then use an anti-radiation Mobile Bag or an anti-radiation mobile cover that will reduce the radiation.
  2. Put your mobile phone away when you’re sleeping
    - preferably out of the bedroom or at least 3 metres away. Alternatively, you can place your mobile phone in an anti-radiation Mobile Bag on your night desk
  3. Avoid sitting with your tablet/iPad or laptop in your lap or on your thighs
    - Make sure there is distance between the wireless device and your genitals. Alternatively, you can use an anti-radiation computer sleeve, an anti-radiation tablet cover or the anti-radiation blanket that reduces the radiation.

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