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Materials and Maintenance Guide

Materials and manufacturing

All products from RadiCover are produced by an acknowledged and strict Code of conduct - and met the REACH regulations, which means that the product material does not contain any harming chemicals, nickel, chrome and carcinogens. Our manufacturers have also signed a contract stating that they will met the UN's Human Rights demands of safe working conditions and not to use child labour. We conduct regular audits.

Maintenance of products

Covers in genuine leather:
We recommend that you - like with shoes and other leather products - make a preventive maintenace and an ongoing maintenance of our leather covers. This in order to ensure that the leather is not worn out and the color faded due to the large amount of wear the cover is exposed to daily. We recommend using either a neutral leather creme/balsam or a colored leather creme if the cover has lost some color. The lifespan of a leather cover can vary greatly, but is expected to be 1-3 years depending on the wear and the maintenance.

Covers in PU leather:
We recommend cleaning our PU leather (leatherette) covers with a damp cold. If the cover is very dirty add a small amount of liquid soap. If the cover is worn down it can be dyed with a leather creme or color. PU leather can not be reparied and maintained the same way as a leather cover, and the lifespan is therefor shorter - typically 6-18 months depending on the wear and the maintenance.