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Some mobile phones emit more than 6 times as much radiation than others. How much does your mobile phone emit? See which mobile phones emit the most radiation 

What is mobileradiation+

When sending status update, receiving text messages, downloading App updates or calling your friends your mobile phone needs to connect to a radio tower via invisible electromagnetic radiation. 

The amount of radiation emitted from a mobile phone varies considerably from model to another. In fact, some mobile phones emit more than 6 times the amount of radiation in SAR compared to other models. (SAR is the European Head Standard). However, a low SAR value is not necessarily a good thing. A low SAR value may automatically make the mobile phone "increase" the antenna reception if the signal is poor in one area - more so than in mobile phones with a high SAR value. 

Here you see the radiation from the most popular mobile phones in 2021

How much radiation does your mobile phone emit

Source:,lid.33884/ (in Danish)
NOTE:  If your mobile phone is not on the list, try googling "your mobile phone (brand/model) + SAR value"


How to reduce mobile radiation 

RadiCover offers a variety of anti-radiation quality products e.g. mobile- and tablet covers that reduce up to 91% of the radiation.
All products have been tested and their effect documented in Danish labortories.

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