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How much your mobile phone radiates


Some mobile phones emit 6 times more mobile radiation than others. Do you know how much does your mobile phone radiate?


Mobile radiation - the short explanation


When you post on the web, receive an SMS, download photos, update apps or call friends, your mobile phone links to a mast. This happens via invisible electromagnetic radiation, also called mobile radiation. How much mobile radiation the individual mobile phones emit is very different from phone to phone. In fact, some mobile phones emit over 6 times more mobile radiation when measured according to the European SAR standard. A low SAR value may automatically make the mobile phone "increase" the antenna reception if the signal is poor in one area - more so than in mobile phones with a high SAR value.


Here you see the radiation from the most popular mobile phones in 2021


How much radiation does your mobile phone emit

Source: Data are based on input from the German Bundesamt für strahlenschutz.

NOTE:  If your mobile phone is not on the list, try googling "your mobile phone (brand/model) + SAR value"


What do the colours in the graph mean?


Each phone is measured in two ways: the upper green and yellow bar shows SAR radiation when the phone is held by the ear without the whole phone touching the body, as you usually keep the lower part of the phone a few cm from the head. The lower green and red bars show SAR radiation when the phone is close to your body, for example in your trouser pocket. If the antenna is in the lower part of the device, the SAR value of the device is higher when it is carried towards the body than it is when used close to the ear.

Therefore, there are two standardized procedures: Manufacturers determine the SAR value in accordance with European standards EN 62209-1 (Application method "Hold the phone close to the ear during conversations") and EN 62209-2 (Application method "Keep the phone in close contact with the body”). Therefore, these clearly defined standardized procedures are used for the measurements in the chart and therefore the values ​​for the two forms of use can be compared with each other.


How you are affected by mobile radiation


Below is a thermography of how the head is heated by mobile rays from your mobile phone when you use it close to the ear. Mobile rays are the same as microwaves that you know from your microwave oven. Mobile rays can thus warm your head and tissues, and you may have experienced that your ear, cheek, and head got hot when you talk on a mobile phone. In fact, the cell phone can heat your brain and head by up to 0.5 - 2 degrees. Only 30 min. daily speech significantly increases the risk of serious side effects. In addition, the rays affect your cells and your biological system and cf. Swedish research, significantly increase the risk of e.g., brain tumours.

We need to protect children and young people, as they have a thinner shell and tissue, and therefore they absorb significantly more mobile radiation than adults. For example, a 10-year-old child assimilates 60% more than an adult. RadiCover anti-radiation products block up to 86% of the mobile rays. Our covers have a special anti-radiation membrane that blocks most of the mobile rays that the mobile phone emits in the direction of your head. You will be able to feel the difference once you have tried it.


How to reduce mobile radiation 


RadiCover offers a variety of anti-radiation quality products e.g. computer sleeves, mobile- and tablet covers that reduce up to 86% of the radiation.
All products have been tested and theiranti-radiation effect documented by independent accredited laboratories.