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How anti-radiation products work?

The technology behind the anti-radiation products from RadiCover

In the anti-radiation products from RadiCover there are three different technologies, which focus on this two objectives: 

  1. Shield the user from the mobile radiation
  2. Create distance between the wireless device and the user

How it works

how anti-radiation products from RadiCover works

1. Products that block mobile radiation

Among the products that block and redirect radiation are the popular mobile covers and iPad covers from RadiCover. When speaking with the cover closed, which is possible due to the special constrution, the radiation is redirected away from the head and body of the user. During this process the signal strength is only slightly affected, whereas the radiation emitted towards the head and body is reduced with up to 86-91%. 

The same technology is also used in the anti-radiation Blanket and the Mobile - and Baby Monitor Bags. The products all have a special build-in membrane, which contains among others metal fibers that works as a shield between the device and the user - and reduces the radiation 85-97%. The same membrane is also used in the aviation and space industry as well as for work clothes in radiation environments where the demands for anti-radiation performance and quality are extremly high. The fabric is known and used in both aviation and space technology where the demands for performance, safety and quality are extremely high. Another well known material is GORE-TEX® which is also made from this fabric.

2. Products that create distance to the user

It is a well known fact that the radiation from any wireless device will decrease when the distance from head or body is increased. That's why products with the ability to create this distance are highly interesting - such as the RadiCover Air Tube Headset. Ordinary headsets will reduce the mobile radiation as well, but unfortunately the copper wire used in these products will send the radiation directly into the ear and head of the mobile phone user. The RadiCover Air Tube Headset is based on a patented technology where the last 8 inches of the wire closest to the ear is a thin air tube which carries the sound and blocks the radiation in a closed circuit - the two oval bullets on the cord. They keep radiation away from the ear and head and reduce radiation with a stunning 99.9%. - See graphics