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Headache is a common public disease in Denmark


Mobile rays are a source of headaches and migraines


There are many different sources of headaches and migraines. Swedish-American research shows that a significant source of pain can be found in mobile beams from mobile phones and mobile masts. Many of the participants from the project experienced that the use of the mobile phone caused various types of headaches. (1)

Chinese researchers have analysed various studies and found that there is a significant link between the association of headaches and cell phone use. The risk of headaches was also increased in those users who daily had more calls and longer call duration. They also noted that mobile phone users had an increased risk of headaches compared to non-users. This finding supports the data showing a link between mobile phone use and an increased risk of headaches and emphasizes the daily call duration and frequency as important factors. (2)


Facts and figures


  • According to the Danish newspaper Politiken, around 770,000 Danes suffer from migraines or frequent headaches. (3)
  • Headaches result in significantly reduced quality of life for many. (4)
  • Headache is the diagnosis of over 100 different diseases and conditions. (4)
  • Headaches plague every tenth Dane at least once a week. This is a doubling since 1987, when only every twentieth Dane had a headache every week. On a random day like today, 200,000 Danes walk around with a headache. (5)
  • About 15% of the Danish population have had migraines within a year, and more than 80% have had tension headaches within a year. (6)
  • Headache is the pain that most Danes go to the doctor with. (4)
  • Half of all painkillers sold are for headaches. (4)
  • Headache is a common disease that affects over 4 million persons in Denmark. (4)
  • Headache disorders are the cause of one-fifth of all sick leave. (4)
  • Headaches are a major item in society's health costs, both as direct costs of medicine, treatment by a doctor and physiotherapist, and indirect costs due to reduced working capacity and productivity. (4)


Year-long waiting lists


Many people suffer from headache pain at least once a week, which makes headaches one of our most common folk diseases and is the cause of countless sick days. But because it is not life-threatening, it takes many years before one is examined by headache specialists. When the help finally comes, it has had consequences both at work, physically, mentally and socially, and the pain has typically become chronic. (7)


Significant risk of headache


American doctor specializing in headaches warns against the use of mobile phones, as they can create an increased risk of headaches in both children, adolescents and adults, and therefore recommends limiting their use, regardless of age. Using a cell phone can cause migraines, headaches, and other symptoms, such as dizziness, strain on the eyes, neck pain, etc. The more you use your cell phone, the more likely you are to develop migraines and other symptoms. (8)

Chinese researchers stress the importance of informing ordinary people about the harmful consequences of using cell phones, as they conclude that there is a significant link with the incidence of headaches with cell phone use. (9)


You can do something about your headache yourself


There are several things that you can do yourself to alleviate your mobile headache. The most obvious way is to avoid using your cell phone, but it is probably also the most difficult.The easiest way is by minimizing consumption, i.e., the time you spend on your mobile phone. In addition, you can take some precautions and e.g., use the phone's speaker function aso. See our "10 tips" here.


Specially developed solutions


At RadiCover, we have developed a wide range of different products to minimize the harmful rays in reaching you. The anti-radiation effect of all these products is documented in independent and accredited foreign and Danish laboratories. See our selection at the bottom of the page.



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