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Questions and answers / FAQ

How much is the radiation from e.g., mobile phones and tablets reduced with RadiCover's products?

Answer: The reduction depends on the type of wireless device. For mobile covers, the radiation is reduced up to 86% in the direction of the head and body. Assuming that you are talking on the mobile phone with the cover closed, as this is the way the radiation is reduced. For tablet covers, the reduction is somewhat smaller (37-55%, respectively), as they cannot shield as much, as the screen is visible during use, and that the rays thus have greater freedom to "jump" and bend off.


How do RadiCover’s products protect against radiation?

Answer: Our products reduce radiation based on one or more of the following principles:

Blocking of the rays - this is achieved via our special anti-radiation membrane which is also used in clothing in environments with radiation among others - e.g., hospitals and the aerospace industry. We use this in our mobile and tablet covers, mobile bags, surf blanket, pocketguard and baby alarm bags.

Redirection of the beams - by de-tuning the antenna of the mobile, we can determine the direction in which the beams are to be sent / received. We use this technique in our mobile covers among other things.

Distance to devices - by creating distance to the wireless device, the radiation intensity is reduced. Among other things, this technique is used for our Air Tube headphones, which with their air tubes will reduce the distance by approx. 20 cm up to the head, as opposed to normal headphones that partially direct the rays all the way up to the head via the wires.


 How can I be sure that RadiCover's products protect with the percentage stated on the product?

Answer: We have tested our products at leading external independent and accredited laboratories - including the Delta Laboratory in Denmark. We have tested the products with both a so-called SAR test (standard test for mobile phones) and EMC/OTA test, which both tell how much the device "radiates" to the surroundings. We have measured the wireless devices without and with our covers on (before and after testing) and calculated the difference. See all tests here.


 Will my mobile phone or wireless device increase the antenna power when used with a RadiCover product?

Answer: Yes, and yet you will achieve a very high degree of protection, as our anti-radiation system is very effective, and our products are designed to direct and reflect the signal out other than the front of the mobile cover, where the anti-radiation membrane is located.

In a reality test, we have measured our covers to give a net reduction of the rays of 86%. This is even though we have measured and can state that the transmission power of a mobile phone increases by approx. 20% when using a RadiCover mobile cover. For other wireless devices, these generally do not have adjustable transmission power.


 Does my mobile phone emit rays when it is set to "Flight mode"?

Answer: No, when the mobile is in "Flight mode", it does not emit radiation and may be preferable at night. However, the disadvantage of this feature is that you cannot receive calls and other data.


 Do you believe that I can have my phone in the bedroom when having an anti-radiation cover on?

Answer: No because the mobile phone still emits rays when it is in an anti-radiation cover. The cover protects directionally against your head when talking on your phone. There will still be radiation from the cell phone out through the side and back of the cover. You should therefore either place the mobile with cover in a mobile bag, place the mobile outside the bedroom, put your mobile on "Flight mode" or completely turn off your mobile.


 If WiFi really is that harmful, then it may seem a bit pointless to spend so much money on anti-radiation products, because even if your tablet and mobile phone have anti-radiation covers on, then the WiFi rays are everywhere in the home anyway?

Answer: Many researchers find WiFi harmful as it affects the body's biological system, including cells, immune system etc. All radiation is the most intense close to the "source" = the WiFi router. Therefore, one should not sleep or work close to a WiFi router. In contrast, the tablet emits rays from its own antenna ("source") very close to the body, which is why we recommend that you protect yourself from the rays that are sent in the direction of your body. Regarding WiFi we and many experts recommend turning off the "signal" when not in use, and especially at night to ensure a better and undisturbed sleep.


 Is it okay for my child to sit and watch on a tablet / mobile when one of your anti-radiation covers is on, even though my child is sitting in front of the screen and the cover is covering the back?

Answer: It is correct that the child / person is well protected (37-55%) against the radiation that goes backwards with a cover for the tablet, as the tablet usually stands / lies on the legs and is therefore closer to the body. The reason why the radiation reduction is less important from the front / screen is that the radiation is "reduced" by 15% for every 10 cm you have at a distance from the device. In other words, an arm's length provides quite a nice protection when you use a tablet, for instance.


 Why does your tablet covers only reduce 55%?

Answer: The most important direction to protect against radiation from a tablet is backwards / downwards in the direction of the abdomen and legs, as the tablet usually stands / lies on the legs and is therefore closer to the body. In this direction, our tablet covers protect up to 55%.

The radiation has the least effect in the direction out of the front / screen, as there is a greater distance to the body / head - typically 30-60 cm. Here, nature's own rule applies that the radiation is reduced by approx. 15% for every 10 cm you are away from the radiation source (= the device). In other words, it is the rays that are sent backwards / downwards and affect vital organs and genitals that one should be most concerned about. Therefore, make sure that your head has the greatest possible distance from the screen when using a tablet.

If you want a greater reduction, you can also choose our "surf blanket", which reduces up to 90% on the harmful rays backwards and downwards. Especially good for expectant mothers.


 Why do you not have products that can protect up to 100%?

Answer: Then all connection is turned off and your device does not work at all. 100% protection is only achieved by putting your device on "flight mode" or turning it off completely.


 I think the sound is low in my Air Tube headphones. What could be the problem?

Answer: Check that you have turned up the volume on the audio control unit. 

Check that the volume of the mobile phone is turned up - there may be a difference between the normal sound level and the sound level of the headphones.

Check that you have pushed the plug all the way in.


 Can I wash the surf blanket, mobile and baby alarm bags?

Answer: Yes, but only by hand at 30 degrees.


 Does the large baby monitor from Philips Avent match any of the baby monitor bags?

Answer: No, Philips Avent's large baby monitor is unfortunately too large for our baby monitor bags. An alternative could be our surf blanket with a creative solution in relation to the shielding. In that case, remember to only cover it in the direction of your child and always check if there is a signal.


 Why is there a limited lifespan of products with RFID technology?

Answer: The answer is short and good battery life. There is a 5-year lifespan from the RFID technology is activated for the first time, which happens automatically when something tries to skim / read your cards. This therefore applies to both our anti-skimming cards and mobile covers with built-in RFID.


Updated January 2022