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Frequently Asked Questions 

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions

1) How much does the products from RadiCover reduce the radiation from e.g. mobile phones and tablets?

Answer: The amount of reduction depends on the wireless device in question. Mobile covers will reduce the radiation directed to the head with up to 91%, and 90% of the radiation directed toward the body, when speaking on the phone with the cover closed. If you speak with the cover open the amount of reduction, will be reduced by half. The tablet covers will not reduce the radiation with the same amount, as the cover needs to be open in order for you to use a tablet/iPad. This allows the radiation to flow around the edges of the cover.
See other measurements of the reduction of the different anti-radiation products.

2) How can I be sure that the products protects with the percentage indicated?

Answer: We test all of our products at approved, independent and accredited laboratories including DELTA Laboratory in Denmark. The products have been tested with an EMC test that indicates how much radiation the device emit. We have measured the wireless devices with and without our covers (before and after test), and we have calculated the difference. We have SAR value tests for some of our products and these measurements show identical results to the EMC test.

3) Will mobile phones or wireless devices turn up the signal when used with an anti-radiation product from RadiCover?

Answer: No. We have tested and found that the signal is not increased. Our products redirect the signal from the parts not covered by the anti-radiation membrane.

4) How do the products protect against the radiation?

Answer: The anti-radiation products from RadiCover will reduce the radiation from one or more of the following principals:

Blockage of the radiation – this is possible due to the special anti-radiation membrane. This fabric is also known and used in both aviation and space technology. The build-in membrane is used in our mobile covers, tablet covers, Mobile Bags, Baby Monitor Bags and the anti-radiation blanket.

Redirecting of the radiation – by tuning the antenna of the mobile phone we are able to direct where the radiation will go. This technique is used in our mobile covers and anti-radiation film.

Distance from the devices - by creating distance from the wireless device the radiation will decrease. This technique is used in our Air Tube Headset where a thin air tube carries the sound and blocks the radiation. The copper wire used in ordinary headsets will send the radiation directly into the ear and head.

5) SafeFilm is no longer available.

6) Does a mobile phone emit radiation when on ”Flight Mode”?

Answer: No. When a mobile phone is on “Flight Mode” it will not emit radiation. It can be compared to a calculator. The problem with using this feature in order to avoid radiation is that the mobile phone cannot be reach, which makes people feel unsafe.

7) Baby Monitor Bag – does the large model fit the Phillips Avent baby monitor?

Answer: No. The Philips Avent baby monitor is too big for our anti-radiation Baby Monitor Bags – including our large model.

8) If I set my mobile phone to Flight Mode at night - will it still emit radiation?

Answer: No, if your phone is on Flight Mode it will not emit radiation - but it will also not be able to receive calls, text messages and data.

9) Do you think it is safe to keep my mobile phone in my bedroom at night if I am using one of your anti-radiation covers?

Answer: No, you should either place your mobile phone (in the cover) in a Mobile Bag, which will reduce the radiation with up to 85% or keep the mobile phone out of the bedroom (or set i to Flight Mode). The reason is that the mobile phone emits radiation even in one of our covers - but the radiation is directed away from the front and back of the cover/mobile phone.

10) If WIFI really is THAT harmful but at the same time it is in basically every household, then isn’t it somewhat pointless to spend that much money on anti-radiation products? Because even if I keep my iPad and mobile phone in anti-radiation covers the radiation from the WIFI will still be everywhere in the house?

Answer: Many researchers believe WIFI to be harmful as it affects the body’s biological system – including cells, the immune system mm. But like all other radiation it will be most intense close to the source = the WIFI router. That is why you should not sleep or work close to a WIFI router.
However, an iPad/tablet will emit radiation from its own aerial (the source), which is very close to the body. That is why we recommend protecting yourself from the radiation emitted towards the body. Concerning the WIFI we – as well as many researchers- recommend that you turn off the WIFI when it is not used – and especially at night in order to ensure a better night’s sleep. 

11) It seems illogical that the radiation is not emitted from the front of the iPad/tablet. You are saying that a tablet cover will protect me even though it only covers the back when the tablet is being used?

Answer: It is correct that you are well protected (37-55%) from the radiation emitted from the back of the tablet. The reason why the reduction of the radiation from the front/the screen is less important is that the radiation is ” diluted” with 15% for every 10 cm distance from the device. That means that keeping the tablet at an arm's length will provide a fair protection.

12) Can I wash the anti-radiation Blanket and the Mobile Bag?

Answer: Yes, you can wash these product by hand at 30 degrees.

13) Air Tube Headset – the sound is very low. What do I do?


  1. Make sure that the “sound system” is set correctly. This is done at the small button placed at the backside of the remote control. If you have an iPhone the button must be in the position “towards the plug”. If you have a Nokia/Microphone the button must be in the position “towards the earphones”.
  2. Make sure that the sound is turned up. For the sound to be at set at max it needs to be positioned towards the earphones.
  3. Make sure that the sound on the mobile phone is turned on – there can be a difference between the sound levels
  4. Make sure that the headset is plugged correctly into the mobile phone. 

14) Why does the tablets/iPad covers from RadiCover only reduce the radiation with 55% - and how important is it?

Answer: It is most important to protect yourself from the radiation emitted towards your stomach as this is closest to your body and has the highest impact. Our covers will reduce the radiation emitted in this direction with 55% on average. The total 13% reduction is an indication that the iPad will still be able to function normally and have a stable Internet connection and speed. If you were to wrap the iPad completely in order to reduce the radiation even more the result would be a poorly working Internet connection.
The radiation emitted from the front/the screen is lower as there is greater distance to the body/head – typically 40-100 cm. In this case, nature’s rule apply – this says that radiation is reduced with ca 15% for each 10 cm you are away from the radiation source (the tablet/iPad). In other words, it is the radiation emitted from the back you should pay most attention to, as this is what affects the vital organs – like the genital organs.
However, a good rule when using an iPad is to make sure that your head is at least 50 cm away from the screen. See the test for our tablet covers here

If you want a bigger reduction you can also use our ”Anti-radiation Blanket”, which reduces up to 99%. See the Blanket here