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Documented protection and effect

Delta laboratoriet i Århus

At RadiCover we take our business very seriously and offer only the best anti-radiation products in our line.  This means very high demands on our suppliers and producers in both tests and documentation to ensure our products will in fact provide an effective and satisfactory anti-radiation. 

High demands for protection

These high demands on our suppliers cause us to discard promising new products on a regular basis - simply because they fail to meet our minimum requirements for anti-radiation protection.

Demand: Independent documentation of anti-radiation effect

Also, we demand documentation for anti-radiation effects from approved, independent and accredited Danish and international laboratories including Delta Laboratory , BACL and QuieTek. Additionally, we do random tests and samples with our own test- and measuring apparatus as well as with Delta Laboratory , which is the leading EMC test laboratory in Denmark.

As our customer, this is your guarantee for safety and protection from mobile radiation from your wireless devices.

The picture shows a product test of RadiCover mobile cover at Delta Laboratory in Aarhus, Denmark. 

See the various test reports here: 

RadiCover - Mobile covers
The products are tested and the anti-radiation effect documented by the independent and accredited German and American laboratory CETECOM
RadiCover SAR test - af Cetecom GmbH/Inc. RadiCover anti-strålings cover

RadiCover - Tablet covers
- Delta DK ( EMC test )

Radicover - Computer Sleeve
- Verkotan FI (SAR test)

RadiCover Air Tube® Headsets 
- NTSSQS - EMC test

Radicover Mobil bag® and RadiCover Baby Monitor Bag®
- Delta DK (EMC test)

VIDEO: See how RadiCover products are tested at Delta Laboratory (Danish)