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Critical Studies and Research

Critical international studies on mobile radiation:

  • WHO categorises mobile radiation as supposedly carcinogenic
    Back in 2011 (the 31th May) the World Health Organization (WHO) categorised electromagnetic radiation – including mobile radiation from mobile phones, mobile masts and other wireless devices – as supposedly carcinogenic (category 2B – the same as plumbiferous gasoline). This was a historical paradigm shift as WHO had previously rejected the connection between electromagnetic radiation and cancer. The new categorisation happened after a group of experts with 30 scientists had gone through the research within the field. Several authentic studies showed a connection between the use of mobile phones and cancer – e.g. INTERPHONE - a large international study and several studies from the acknowledged Swedish professor Lennart Hardell.

  • The BioInitiative Rapport 2012: Large independent rapport documents the side effects from mobile radiation 
    In 2012 a rapport on the biological effects from wireless technology, the BioInitiative Rapport, was updated with 1800 new studies which have been published sine the rapport’s first edition in 2007. This brings the number of studies in the rapport close to 4000. The rapport is made by an international team of 29 independent researchers and scientists. The overall conclusion of the rapport, based on the scientifically review, is that the existing limits for radiation from wireless technology should be lowered immediately to a safer level – many thousands lower than the official allowed limits today. 

    Click here to access the BioInitiative Rapport website (English)

  • Up to 400% reduced risk of deadly tumors – 2014
    Mobile radiation can use a certain type of malevolent tumor called glioma. This tumor is deadly. Research by the acknowledged Swedish professor Lennart Hardell and his team of scientists from Ørebro Universitetsjukhus show that speaking on the phone for more than 30 minutes a day during a period of 10 years causes up to 400% increased risk of developing this type of brain tumor.

    See the study here (English)

  • Increased risk of developing cancer – 2006
    Scientific research estimates that young people who use mobile phones have 520% increased risk of developing cancer. For adults the number is 270%. 

    Source: Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, Vol. 25, Iss. 4, dec. 2006, p. 349-360