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Children absorb 60% more radiation than adults!

Thus, children and mobile phones are a very poor combination.

Children are especially sensitive as their cells, their nerve system as well as their scull and body are not fully developed.
At the same time they absorb up to 60% more radiation than adults so both common sense and quite a lot of research indicate the need for special precautions when children and young people use mobile phones and other wireless devices. 


               Adult Brain                      10 year-old child                   5 year-old child

The picture above illustrates how deep into the brain temperature changes can be measured when holding a mobile phone to the ear; for an adult, a 10-year old and a 5-year old child.
As the illustration shows, the radiation penetrates deeper into the child's brain because the scull is thinner, the tissue is less developed and not nearly as thick as that of an adult's.
(Source: de Salles AA1)
Read more here (in Swedish).

VIDEO: See how much radiation a 6 year old child absorb compared to af grown up adult.

Even very young children use wireless devises.

Unfortunately, children as young as 3-4 years of age use e.g. iPads and tablets daily for entertainment.
Already when they start school, children are often given a mobile phone and in the 3rd grade most of them receive iPads which connect to the school's wireless internet.
In short, children and young people are exposed daily to large doses of radiation which on a short term may cause
lack of concentration, reduced learning abilities, behavioral challenges, headaches, fatigue etc. Read more about side effects here

Watch the video with Dr. Devra Davis, Prof/, MD, who recommends:
"Children must be very careful about mobile phone radiations as they are far more susceptible than adults."  


Below is a list of reports describing effects of mobile phone radiation in children's development and well-being as well as worldwide government precautions to safeguard children and young people.


  • Children and young people using mobile phones more than 30 min per day have a 520% increase in risk of developing a brain tumor compared to a 270% increase for adults. Read De Salle et al.
  • The number of brain tumors have increased 21% in the US over the last 10 years. According to Charlie Teo, brain surgeon and specialist in children's brains, the use of mobile phones is to blame. Watch TV clip with MD Charlie Teo here
  • Children absorb far more radiation than adults and have a considerably higher risk of developing brain tumors and cancer incl.  breast cancer according to three of the world's leading researchers in their new study of mobile phone radiation effects on children - June 2014 - Read the entire report here.
  • According to a 2013 New Zealand study, young people using their mobile phone more than 30 minutes per day (over 25% do) will have a considerably increased risk of developing a brain tumor - Read the entire report here
  • In 2012 British authorities warned there was sufficient evidence to establish an association between children's well being (incl. an increase in number of ADHD diagnoses in schools) and the degree of wireless internet and mobile radiation. The recommendation is to avoid use of wireless devises for all children and young people under the age of 14. - Read the study here
  • "WI-FI in schools proves hazardous - especially to children more sensitive to radiation", says Dr Jennifer Amstrong. See TV clip here
  • "Fertility - Men's sperm quality is weakened by radiation", study from University of Exeter, UK, June 2014. Read the study here

Legislation, action and recommendations safeguarding children and young people

  • In 2009 the European Parliament passed a resolution encouraging better information about health risks from radio-frequency radiation taking special precautions regarding children and young people. Read the article here 
  • In 2012 the Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection advised against children's use of WIFI in schools and kinder gardens. Read more here
  • In 2007, German authorities advised against the use of WIFI.
  • In 2012 several Canadian schools removed WIFI.
  • Belgium has banned advertisement and sale of mobile phones to children under the age of 7 due to insufficient available research in radiation risks. Read more here