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Case Story: Green Click A/S


Leading online company reacts to expensive social problem

At Green Click, a leading online advertiser, they have reacted to the fact that 20% of all sick leaves in Denmark are caused by headaches and migraines. 

The employees at Green Click are very happy, and they have a good reason to. Green Click has become the very first company in Denmark to offer their employees anti-radiation products as part of their ongoing health program. The effect has been noticeable and the employees are thrilled with the newly taken actions. 

54% of the employees has experienced a positive change

Green Click is giving work to approximately 40 employees, all specialists with in their field. At the 6 months-evaluation of the implementation two out of three employees indicated that they have had either “Good experience” or a “Super experience” with the anti-radiation products. Furthermore, 54% has detected a change directly caused by the implementation of anti-radiation products from RadiCover. 

Increased feeling of security among the staff

The evaluation included besides a questionnaire also in-depth interviews with chosen members of the staff. The 23-year-old online specialist Marcus suffers from migraine making him incapacitated 4-6 days a month, but the implementation of anti-radiation products from RadiCover has made a difference. “Since I received the products, I have felt safer and can definitely feel a difference. And then, they are also pretty cool!”

Head chef Susanne has also expressed that RadiCovers products has made her feel safer at work. “Personally, this implementation has increased my sense of security, using these devices. I have also noticed that my colleagues and I have changed our user behavior due to this extra awareness”. Susanne has also noticed the extra attention given to the employees by Green Click. “I was already very happy to work at Green Click and I am very happy with the management's focus on our wellbeing”. 

“It hasn´t cost us a single extra penny […]” Kenneth Jørgensen, CEOKenneth Jørgensen, CEO, Green Click

Kenneth Jørgensen, CEO at Green Click, has also noticed that the implementation hasn´t been attached to any further costs. “We already had to buy covers and headsets for our employees´ mobile phones and tablets to reduce the risk of broken screens and expensive repairs. At RadiCover we have found that we get robust products in a high quality and with a long life span. And the cost remain the same […]”.

At Green Click the employees are the most important resource by a mile, and they will work hard to make sure they feel safe at work. “After I had tested the products myself and found that it didn’t require any noticeable changes in my use of the devices and furthermore gave me that increased sense of security and reduced radiation, I had no doubt that it should be offered as a free offer for all the employees in the company”, Kenneth Jørgensen, CEO at Green Click.  

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