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Baby Monitor Bag - small - 97% protection - pattern

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Our baby monitor bag has a special built-in anti-radiation membrane that reduces the mobile radiation from your baby monitor up to 97%.

The bag has 2 pockets, and both are closed with velcro as well as a hook so you can hang it anywhere you want.

How the bag works
- an inner pocket that reduces 97% of the radiation in every direction without increasing the transmitting power. Use this pocket for maximum protection.
- a front pocket that only reduces the radiation in one direction. Therefore, the radiation and the signal have free passage “through” the front pocket. The transmitting power is reduced minimal while the reduction of the radiation towards the body is up to 97%. Use this pocket if you wish for the signal to be strong, and make sure the front pocket points in the opposite direction of you.

Inside measures: H. 15 cm x W. 8,9 cm

The signal may be weak or completely lost when the monitor is in the bag. Therefore, always check the signal when using the bag.
Hand washable at 30 degrees.

Cotton and antistatic fibers.

SAR-tested and documented in independent, accredited laboratories.

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