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Baby Monitor Bag - Large/Black (RAD002)

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Varenr: BAP10001B-Uni-L

Availability: In stock


 With the Baby Monitor Bag you can effectively protect your child with up to 97% reduction in the mobile radiation emmiting from baby monitor. Use the Baby Monitor Bag when you are putting your baby to sleep - place it in, or on top of baby carriage or next to the crib. The Baby Monitor Bag is made from a special fabric that contains metal fibers which effectively reduce radiation. The fabric is known and used in both, aviation and space technology where demands for performance, safety and quality are extremely high.

The Baby Monitor Bag has two pockets. The primary pocket - has the highest level of protection (in all directions) is reached - and a second pocket that can be used if you are experiencing signal disturbances, or if you need a further reach. The front pocket will only reduce the signal in one direction and must therefore always be placed with the "wifi icon" away from the child.  

Baby Monitor Bag - Large - fits most baby monitors

Functions :
- Velcro-closure to prevent the monitor from falling out
- Smart "hook" that allows you to hang the Baby Monitor Bag onto the baby carriage 
- Front pocket that can be used if the signal is weak or if a urther reach is needed
- Wifi icon - shows the direction of the radiation if the baby monitor is placed in the front pocket
- A layer of foam to isolate against cold and pretect from wear and tear 

Inside measurements: 13,4 cm x 2 cm x 8,4 cm
Outside measurements: 13,5 cm x 1 cm x 19,5 cm

The Baby Monitor Bag can be hand washed at 30ºC.
The signal of the baby monitor is reduced - make sure to always test the signal 
Baby monitor not included
The pattern may differ 

This product is tested and the anti-radiation effect is documented by the independent, acknowledged Danish Delta Laboratory.
See test report from Delta Laboratory here 

Delta testrapport - babyalarmpose 














Test video: