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Anti-radiation Products for Children and Babies
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Anti-radiation Products for Children and Babies

Anti-radiation Products for Children and Babies

Protect your child: Children are 60% more sensitive to radiation than adults

In the daily life only few parents are thinking of health risks when children use the tablet or play on the phone for hours. International research shows that we should be mindful of the electromagnetic radiation that the devices emit when they are online. Babies, children and adolescents are generally more vulnerable to pollution and sunlight - but research shows that mobile radiation is a bad combination for this group because they have thinner tissue, bones and skull, like children's cells and nervous systems are still developing. See the picture of radiation depth difference between an adult and a child below.

Extracts from research indicate, that:

  • A 10-year-old child records up to 60% more radiation an adults, and even more if the child is younger. (Source: de Salles AA1)
  • Pregnant women who use mobile phone daily, have 40-54% greater risk of giving birth to children with behavior problems.  (Source: UCLA University, USA)

    Børn optager 60% mere stråling end voksne

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Below we compiled a couple of articles on the subject "Children and mobile radiation".

- Franske sundhedsmyndigheder vil beskytte børn endnu mere
- Børn bruger i gennemsnitsligt 75 min. dagligt på tabletten
- Magasinet "Børn & Fritid" tester og anmelder RadiCovers produkter

How to protect yourself and your loved ones - 10 good tips!

Read more about mobile radiation impact onchildren and young ones and pregnant women.
See also our "10 good pieces of advice" to reduce mobile phone radiation.  

Anti-radiation products for children and pregnant women - reduces up to 91%

RadiCover anti-radiation productsprovide good protection for both, pregnant women, children and young adults - as well as everyone else in their use of wireless devices - heurnder adults. The products are tested in independent accredited laboratory.

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