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About electromagnetic radiation

What is electromagnetic radiation?

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is the technical term commonly known by the public and media today as mobile radiation.

Electromagnetic radiation is the radiation created and emitted from mobile phones, iPads, baby monitors and other wireless devises when these connect to a central unit e.g. a radio tower, a WIFI router or a baby monitor base station. In other words, no connection of two wireless devises can be made without creating an intermediate electromagnetic field between them.

More than 500 studies world wide

Over the last 10-15 years discussions have increased on the potential health hazards from electromagnetic radiation - mobile radiation. Well over 500 studies and analyzes have been completed worldwide, ranging from very small and primitive ones like the cress-study from Hjallerup Elementary School in Denmark to large scale international studies such as the Interphone and BioInitiative reports (+600 pages). Unfortunately, the studies are ambigious when it comes to confirming potential dangers or hazards of mobile radiation. However, the list of studies and observations regarding side effects is both long and relentless and the old saying may prove correct “where there is smoke, there is fire”. Thus, precautions are in order when it comes to mobile radiation.

Documented side effects

Fact of the matter is studies have documented the connection between mobile radiation and a long list of side effects:

Daily side effects:

  • Headache
  • Fatigue and lack of motivation
  • Memory problems
  • Lack of concentration
  • Sleeping problems
  • Learning problems          

Serious side effects:

  • Increased risk of developing cancer
    Scientific studies estimate young people using mobile phones have a 520% increased risk of developing cancer - for adults the risk is at 270%. (Source: Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, Vol. 25, Iss. 4, Dec. 2006, p. 349-360)
  • Up to a 400% increased risk of deadly tumors
    Mobile radiation may cause a certain type of malignant tumor called glioma. This tumor is deadly. Study results by the acknowledged Swedish researcher Lennart Hardell and his team from Ørebro University Hospital show how use of a mobile phone for more than 30 min per day over a 10 year-period increases the risk of developing this type of brain tumor with up to 400%. See the study
  • Increased heating of the brain
    Mobile radiation is like microwaves: it heats up the brain in the same way microwaves heat up the food in a microwave oven.
  • Negative effects on body cells, organs, tissue and DNA
    Research has proven how mobile radiation disturbs the body's cells, organs and DNA which may cause imbalances and diseases. Also, mobile radiation harms the body's DNA possibly leading to biological disturbances, diseases and cancer.
    (Source: Professor Olle Johanson, Karolinska Universitet, Sweden)
  • Weakened immune system
    Research has proven how the immune system fights back once exposed to electromagnetic radiation. The immune system will defend itself as when attacked by virus or bacteria. Only, against electromagnetic radiation the immune system stands no chance and slowly deteriorates. (Source: Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Cardiologist, USA)
  • Reduced fertility
    Studies have proved a connection between mobile
    radiation and human fertility. In other words, mobile radiation may very well influence our ability to have children. (Source:

Watch CNN special on mobile radiation

Spend 15 minutes watching the CNN broadcast "Mobile phones cause cancer" and learn much more when leading experts speak up about their concern of mobile radiation.

Watch CNN broadcast

Exposure standards for mobile radiation at least 50,000-60,000 times too high

2010: The Seletun Panel Statement: In a scientific publication from 2010 based on documented public health impacts, 7 independent scientists from USA, Sweden, Israel, Greece and Russia directly warned about radio-frequency radiation. The panel appealed to governments around the world to take immediate preventive actions, specifically stressing the following issue:

Public health is at risk: There is a need for new exposure standards for radio-frequency radiation. The present standards are at least 50,000 - 60,000 times too high. (Ed. Many national limits are set at 9-10 Watt/m2). The scientists have evidence of many negative health effects occurring far below the exposure standards e.g. cognitive impairment, weakening of the immune system and cancer. Thus, the experts recommended a new exposure standard limit of 0.000017 mW/cm2.

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