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Why you should avoid mobile radiation?

Facts indicated by international scentific research:

  1. Mobile radiation increases the risk of getting cancer, for instance of heart and brain – activities, like speaking on the phone for at least 30 min. a day, increases risk up to 400% (Source: NTP 2016/Hardel Group 2014)
  2. Children absorb 60% more radiation than adults, being vulnerable in particular (Source: De Salle et al., 2005)
  3. Mobile radiation reduces male fertility with up to 40% chances (Source: Technion University i Haifa, Israel, 2015)
  4. Mobile radiation increases the risk of having behaviour issues among children with up to 54% likelihood, if the mother uses a mobile phone while pregnant.
  5. Health authorities recommend that everyone minimizes the use of mobile devices - especially children (Source:

These devices emit mobile radiation (electromagnetic radiation):

  • Mobile phones / Smartphones
  • Tablets / iPads
  • PC - laptops in particular
  • iPods
  • WIFI routers
  • Baby monitors
  • SmartTV
  • PlayStation/XBoxs and many ohters
  • All WiFi based Smarthome devices