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Sov bedre om natten10 good and free pieces of advice on how to reduce mobile radiation

1. Put your mobile phone to your ear only when the call is connected
Mobile radiation is remarkably higher while the phone is connecting - once the call is connected radiation drops significantly.

2. Limit the use of your mobile phone when in a car - or install an extern antenna
A car's metal bodywork will reflect and increase the mobile radiation. Always use a headset when on the phone. We recommend the RadiCover Air Tube Headset which reduces radiation with 99.9%. 

3. Use your headset or the speakerphone
Radiation is significantly reduced when using a headset but be advised the copper wire used in most headset cables carry radiation to your head. According to studies, Bluetooth radio-frequency radiation also affects your body and may cause serious side effects. Another possibility is to use the speaker and if possible hold the phone away from your body at an arm's lenght (works best when alone in the room). We recommend the RadiCover Air Tube Headset which reduces radiation with 99.9%.

4. Keep your mobile phone awway from your bed or even better out of your bedroom at night
When switched on, mobile phones emit electromagnetic radiation every 20 seconds and combined with the data updates it receives – also throughout the night - this will affect and stress your body unnecessarily. You may wake up feeling less rested than normal maybe even with a headache or a feeling of fatigue. Besides, you expose your body to 7-8 hours of radiation which, according to studies, may cause far more serious health effects such as stress, depression, mental instability, sleeping problems and in the worst cases cancer and brain tumors. If you must have your mobile phone close to your body do purchase a RadiCover Mobile Bag.

5. Use your mobile phone for short messages only
Do not talk for hours on end with family and friends. Instead use a land line which does not emit radiation and avoid both the immediate and more long-term adverse health effects to your body. Studies show that a mobile phone held directly to the ear when talking will expose the user to far higher concentration of electromagnetic fields than those measured at ground level close by a radio tower. (Source: The Danish Cancer Foundation). If you have no land line, we recommend you use the RadiCover Air Tube Headset which will block 99.9% of the radiation.

6. Do not carry your mobile phone in your trouser pocket or jacket pocket
Carrying your mobile phone close to your body throughout the day will expose your body and organs unnecessarily to mobile radiation. Also, studies have proved poor fertility in men who carry their mobile phone in their trousers pocket. If you insist on carrying your phone on you, do consider a RadiCover Mobile Cover or Mobile Bag.

7. Avoid installing WIFI routers in your close vicinity
Avoid being near or around WIFI routers both home and at work. The routers emit massive mobile radiation proven to affect your body in a negative way. In Russia, Germany and Canada several schools have removed WIFI in order to prevent adverse health effects on the students. German authorities advised against the use of wireless internet already back in 2007.  

8. Turn off the WIFI router at night 
Your immune system will be fighting the radiation all night and thus using the energy to protect you instead of recover and rebuilt cells and your body. Use eventually a timer to turn the router on and off so you won't have to remember doing it yourself. Optimally, you should only use the wireless router when it is really necessary - better still would be to connect your devices to the Internet via cables instead of a wireless router. 

9. Children should use mobile phones for short messages only
Studies prove the exposure of mobile radiation in children is nearly twice the amount seen in adults simply because of the child's far thinner scull and tissue. Children should always use a headset when on the phone. We recommend the RadiCover Air Tube Headset which reduces radiation with 99.9%.

10. Turn off 3G/4G/5G and WIFI from your phone and tablet - when you are not using it 
By doing this you will avoid a large amount of radiation. Children: Switch the phone and/or tablet to Flight Mode when used by children - or use the RadiCover anti-radiation blanket or a RadiCover Tablet cover which reduces the radiation with 55-99% if the devices need to be online. 

Generally, RadiCover recommends mobile phones are not used by anyone without some kind of anti-radiation device such as the RadiCover Air Tube Headset  or RadiCover Mobile Cover .

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